The best station management and ground handling.

Just the way your own staff would do.

This is Airline Handling Supervision

Airline Handling Supervision (AHS) is an independent company performing station management and ground handling supervision for airlines operating at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Brussels International Airport. The company was founded in 2001 by people who already worked in the airline and travel industry for many years.

AHS’s managing director Wilfred Kreuger has a 20 years’ plus experience in airport and airline operations.

Wilfred Kreuger

AHS Services

  • Fuel coordination
  • Immigration control
  • Luggage control
  • PNL/ PTM/PRM management
  • Post flight reporting
  • SAOC/Barin representation
  • Seating/configuration control
  • Security management
  • SLA control
  • Station management
  • Tax control
  • Tickets/coupon reconciliation
  • ULD control
  • VIP escort
  • Other services on request


Local customer care (optional)

  • Registration of and handling complaints as per your airline company procedures
  • Handling EU261 claims
  • Ensuring all passengers are satisfied with the service provided and making sure the valued customer will choose to travel with your airline in the future again

Delay handling

  • Handling delays as per airline and local procedures
  • Cost control to make sure money is not overspent
  • Ensuring all passengers are satisfied with the services provided

All operations are coordinated and monitored

  • Supervising and coordinating services contracted by the airline with third parties
  • Ensuring that the third parties are informed about operational data and the airline’s requirements in a timely manner
  • Verifying availability and preparedness of staff, equipment, loads, documentation and services of third parties to perform the services
  • Coordinating with handling agent to ensure flight editing is in place for a smooth turnaround and customer satisfaction
  • Liaise with airline’s sales staff and/or call center regarding ticket re-issuance and irregularities
  • Coordinate assistance for frequent flyers and various VIP delegations

AHS Benefits


  • Pay only for the hours that staff is really needed
  • No extra costs during absence (sickness, holidays)
  • No extra costs for night/weekend hours or public holidays


  • With less staff working at the airport and more online reporting savings can be made by reducing airport office space


Emergency response

Besides managing AHS, Wilfred Kreuger is an associate at GoCrisis and provides trainings in Airline Crisis Management and Station Emergency Response worldwide.

During the Malaysian Airlines tragedies MH370 and MH17, Wilfred Kreuger was the Station Manager of Malaysia Airlines in Amsterdam. As Crisis Centre Coordinator, Field Manager and Logistics Manager he supported the airlines response.

With AHS you have an experienced and reliable partner who understands the high values and importance of Emergency Response.

Emergency response activities

  • Handling a crisis/emergency as per airline SERP and local procedures
  • Making sure daily operations will continue as normal as possible
  • Assisting GO-teams until end of operations
  • Assisting and advicing with local Station Emergency Response Planning
  • AHS partners with GoCrisis and offers consultation, reduced training and response services to all AHS clients


Working with AHS will ensure you of these benefits

  • We act as your airline representative and are 24/7 available
  • We coordinate the turnaround of your flights
  • We guarantee safety, security and punctuality
  • We monitor the service levels of the ground handeling vendors
  • We take care of fast, efficient and transparant reporting
  • We offer you cost control. You pay for what you get
  • We help you to increase efficiency
  • We help you to maintain a high service level
  • We assist you working towards your targets and KPIs


Thank you very much for the interest in our company.
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